Safety Tips Every Driver Should Know

Whether you’re heading to work or hitting the road for an epic vacation, safe driving is always top of mind. Every year, people are injured or die on America’s roadways due to serious accidents or negligence from other drivers. In order to combat this problem, there are several things every driver can do to ensure that they stay safe on the road. Follow these helpful tips so you can protect yourself and your passengers in the event of a roadside or on-the-road emergency.

Pull Over Safely

If you get into an accident or have a breakdown, you should get to the right side of the road as quickly as possible to avoid another incident. Turn on your hazards, and slowly make your way to the right side into the emergency lane. If your car is so badly damaged that it’s not drivable, call 911 immediately and stay inside the car until the coast is clear. If you have road flares or triangles, use those to alert other drivers that you’re immobile. If there is a crash barrier nearby, have everyone stand behind it until help arrives. Leave pets in your car since they can easily become scared and could run away.

Preparation is Key

A fully-stocked emergency kit should be in your trunk or backseat at all times. This kit should contain things like a few bottles of clean water, a first aid kit, road triangles, and jumper cables. Make a list of things to add to your emergency kit so you have everything you need if something goes wrong. For cold weather, you should always have an extra blanket or two in your car as well in case you break down. Bring an extra USB charger for your phone just in case you’re stranded and worried that the battery will die before you can get help. Keep emergency numbers handy, such as the local tow company or roadside assistance.

Drive Responsibly

Most accidents can be avoided if you practice good driving habits. Always observe and follow the local speed limit. Stay out of the left lane unless you plan to pass someone on the highway. Use your turn signal whenever you make a turn or change lanes. Be patient when you’re stuck in traffic and do your best to avoid a road rage incident. Never text and drive or use your phone at all while driving. Keep your eyes on the road at all times, and you should get to your next destination safely.

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